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Hamnkrogen Lotsen & Fiskeboa Vrångö - Gothenburg's southern archipelago

2018 we started the construction of new Fiskboa on Vrångö. Together with that, we also built the Hamnkrogen Lotsen, which is a project part-funded European Regional Development Fonds. With new seafood shop and new larger kitchen, we can now offer our guests an archipelago experience out of the ordinary in a relaxed, rustic and homely environment.
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Hamnkrogen Lotsen

Is there anything tastier than seafood from the west coast or something better than a sunset with ocean as its nearest neighbor? This and much more you will find at Hamnkrogen Lotsen on Vrångö. Our rusticly decorated and glazed terrace offers shadow in high season and wind protection with warmth in the low season. Outside there is plenty of seating with views of both sides of the harbour. New for this year is our outside bar “SLABBEN” which will be able to provide our guests with drinks for the food, perhaps an ice cream for the children and coffe after dinner. We also run  “GLASSBOA” located right next to us in the inner harbour, where we will offer scoop ice cream and drinks.

Our menu

On our menu you will find amazing seafood, smoked salmon, blue mussels, fish & chips, burgers, salads and sandwiches. Beer, wine, coffee and drinks can be found in our bar inside the Lotsen and during the summer also in our patio bar located on backside.

Table Reservations

You don not have to make a table reservations for dinner at our pakce, here we work with drop in.  However, if you are a larger company that wants to come and eat, please let us hear from you well in advance, we will of course make sure to book a table for you. We are available at 0709-36 99 06 or

Seafood dinner at Hamnkrogen Lotsen

Maybe you guys are celebrating something special or are you a bigger company looking to meet and eat lots of seafood. Then you can book our Seafood dinner! Then we reserve a part of our trerrace for you and set up a seafood dinner with the delights of the sea in all its different shapes, sauces, bread and other accessories for seafood. Call us at 0709-36 99 06 or and we will help you with a lovely seafood evening.

We cooperate with Kajkanten

Kajkanten is the small hotell on the island og Vrångö. If you are staying att ther place you can by breakfast, seafood and other dishes from us that we diliver to your door. Book on their webside.

Fiskeboa Vrångö:

A seafood & deli shop with the ocean as nearest neighbour.

Under the same roof as Hamnkrogen Lotsen you will find our seafood & deli shop. Here we offer you the best from the ocean fresh fish, seafood, smoked fish and lots of good things that goes with seafood.

Since Fiskeboa on Vrångö is not open all year, you can order from Fiskeboa Donsö if Vrångö i closed.

Opens at 10:00
+46 0709369906 Call


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