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Fiskeboa Vrångö


We strive to the extent possible, to buy our products directly from the boat, from local fishermen.

Shrimps are bought from GG 410 Valöskär-Vrångö. The boat goes out on Sundays and lands their catches late Thursday night. Friday morning we retrive fresh prawns directly from the boat.

Crayfish and crabs are purchased from GG 537 EVA, fishing with cages just outside Vrångö. The crayfish are landed every afternoon and are boiled directly in our own boiling house.

Fresh fish

The range of fish dishes vary depending on weather and season.
In the counter you can find cod, haddock, salmon, hake, plaice, witch flounder, herring, flounder, turbot, monkfish, whiting, squid, pollock, mackerel, etc.

Smoked fish /seafood

We are pleased to sell smoked fish from Donsörökeri.
We can offer salmon, mackerel, eel, herring and smoked shrimp.


Depending on the season, we offer a variety of pickled herring, for example onion, Grannys Herring, Blackcurrant Herring, Mustard herring etc. We also have salt herring and pickled herring.
We sell our famous and self-made Vrångöcream, a cream with shrimp and crab.
We have sauces that suit both meat and seafood: Excite (mango /honey), Romsås, aioli, remoulade, mustard sauce and Herb sauce.

Come visit us and discover our delicacies.

Outdoor seating

At Fiskeboa on Vrångö there is a glassed out door serving area where you are welcome to sit and eat our delicious light meals.
Here you have a view over both the inner and outer harbor.
We offer:
-Baguettes with Vrångöcream.
-Flat bread with salmon and caviar sauce.
-Shellfishsoup with bread /butter
-Shellfishpie with bread /butter
-Smoked mackerel fillet and potato salad
-Fish Steak with potato salad
-Coffee & cake
 Various drinks


To be sure of getting what you want, please order in advance.
Ahead of midsummer, the pressure and demand of fish, shellfish and herring bigger than usual, so place your order in time.

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